Manot Musique

20 June 2015 – Music & Arts Festival – 12 hours of live music

Tea Dance with the Fly Right Dance Company


We are pleased to be able to welcome Susan and Gary McDonald to the Manot Festival. Susan and Gary run the Fly Right Dance Company in Scotland…and although they now live in France…still go back and forth to the UK for business. They will be hosting a Tea Dance at the festival for those of you who love to ‘take a turn around the dance-floor’. They will also run a quick micro-class to teach a dance, which they tell us, can be learned and performed within 15 minutes!

About Fly Right

big_dance_sun136-500x625[1]Susan and Gary told us a bit about themselves….”Over the years, we’ve been much in demand to perform at events that have a vintage flavour – perhaps those with a 1920s, Wartime or rock ‘n’ roll theme – or at corporate events and functions.  We’ve performed at Jazz Festivals, airshows, and large dance events.  We’ve been the dance hosts at world-record tea dances.  We held court in the Palm Court at the Fringe with our Tea Dance show for eight years. We have also done a lot of film work, too – dance consultants and featured dancers for Stone of Destiny, and featured dancers in Lorraine Kelly’s DNA stories.”

Britannia_0285-300x191[1]They also told us a little about their company….”Fly Right Dance Company is Scotland’s premier professional dance performance and education company that strives to preserve, perform and teach original dances of the ballrooms and dance halls. Working with world-renowned dance historians, we have been working to reproduce and keep alive original and authentic dance styles from the last two hundred years. From the Waltz to the Watusi, from the Mazurka to the Madison, and from the Polka to the Peabody, Fly Right can introduce you to and guide you through the fun of the dances of yesteryear!

full_1087845311208ntea-300x249[1]Likewise, Fly Right has become synonymous with Tea Dances – we have been dance hosts for three World Record tea dances in Scotland, and with the resurgence of popularity in these events, through our micro-classes and dance-host service.”

We look forward to seeing Susan and Gary in action at the festival and welcome anyone who would like to come along and learn to dance….or just want to come along and join in with the fun.

Find out more about The Fly Right Dance Company by looking at their website

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