Manot Musique

20 June 2015 – Music & Arts Festival – 12 hours of live music

Pottery Painting

Manot Poterie is also known locally as the Ceramic Café. Dee and Michael Bayly run this lovely little studio and café in the village of Manot.

It’s the perfect place to unwind after work, or as a place to take the children or grandchildren for a special treat. You can choose the piece of pottery you want to paint, then can choose to either create your own design or paint it using a finished piece as a template.

As well as the pottery you can also grab a drink and something to eat.

Dee and Michael will be at the festival with some examples of finished pieces to show what is possible and how easy it is to achieve a great looking item, be it a plate, ornament, Christmas decoration, mug….the list is endless.

As well as showing what they offer at their studio, they are also bringing along fridge magnets that children and adults alike can paint on the day. The medium they will be using for this will not need to be fired in the kiln, as with the bigger pieces of pottery, so you will be able to create your design, have it fixed there and then, and take your masterpiece home with you!

If you’d like to find out more about the studio and what is available, please visit their website…


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