Manot Musique

20 June 2015 – Music & Arts Festival – 12 hours of live music

La Maison de Bougie




Suzanne Thorne’s business is candles. She told us more about how important the ethics behind her business is.  “When we decided to launch our candle making business we were very sure of one thing.




We wanted to ensure that our products would be:

  • hand crafted
  • minimise the impact on the environment
  • use biodegradable ingredients
  • recycled packaging where possible
  • use organic essential oils to fragrance our candles
  • source our ingredients from both the UK and France supporting both economies

We use only soy wax and NEVER paraffin wax which is a by product of the petroleum refining process and is treated with bleaches and chemicals, which are considered carcinogenic.  Soy wax is:

  • biodegradable
  • lessens the load on landfills
  • better for the environment and is a renewable source
  • non toxic ensuring both YOU and your HOME are safe
  • offers more burn time
  • is water soluble

As a very new and family company, we will continue to grow and expand our ranges whilst keeping to our mission statement. Our candles will continue to be hand crafted and hand poured here in France, using the very best and safest ingredients we can source.”

You can find out more about La Maison de Bougie on their website..

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