Manot Musique

20 June 2015 – Music & Arts Festival – 12 hours of live music

Feeling great with Portman Fitness

Sheila, who runs Portman Fitness, will be at Manot Festival and will be doing a demonstration of fitness for women of all ages and ability. After the brief warm-up demonstration, she will be on the grass area, exercising along with the musicians playing, and anyone is welcome to join in.

4058018_orig[1]Sheila specialises in Skype Fitness training, where she works with women online in their own homes. She told us, ” Feeling great…it can mean very different things to each of us – being toned, having good posture or flexibility, managing daily stress, feeling energised, or just having good mobility. One thing is clear though – being fit and healthy is important to enjoying your life. Whether you’re starting out, getting back to fitness or want to up your level, and whatever your age or ability, I’d love to help you discover and stay feeling great” She went on to tell us a bit more about Skype training online, “Skype allows you to achieve your fitness goals in a friendly environment – your own home! This immediately removes a huge barrier if you lack confidence in a gym environment or don’t live near a gym – your house is your gym. You can schedule the workouts to fit in with family and work commitments.”

If you want to find out more, please visit the Portman Fitness website –

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