Manot Musique

20 June 2015 – Music & Arts Festival – 12 hours of live music


DSC_0138 (800x533)‘Cassonade’ (translates as ‘Brown Sugar’), are husband and wife duo, Malcolm and Tracey Brown. They have lived in the Commune of Cellefrouin since 2006.

Tracey has been singing since her teens, with Stage Production group in the Humberside region of the UK.

She is also an integral member of the Cellefrouin Commune Choir, ‘Les Cles De Champs’.

Malc has been ‘messing around with guitars’ since his teens, however, more seriously in the last three years.

‘Cassonade’ were born just over a year ago in the Charente when Tracey decided to share her wonderful clear voice at an ‘Acoustic Club’ night, accompanied by Malc on the guitar.

They have since become well known on the local entertainment circuit, playing and singing popular covers of songs from the 50s to modern day…..however, done in their own style!

This will be their début at a Music Festival in the Charente.

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